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Tips for choosing the right wedding cars for your special day.

With the market flooded with so much variety when it comes to wedding car choices in Sydney, we decided to give you the top 3 tips on how to choose the right service for you.

Tip 1 – Booking your wedding cars

In a time of Covid when uncertainty is around the time of your wedding, its important to book a company that will honor your deposit and booking should things change. Whether its the date of the wedding to be rescheduled or simply changes in cars, this is an important part of protecting your investment. Dealing with a limo or hire company that truly cares about you will ensure your booking doesn’t go to waste due to any restrictions that are unavoidable.

Does your hire car company have a contingency plan? These are some of the important questions you should raise when it comes to booking.

Tip 2 – Will they have enough cars or seats for my entire bridal party?

Be aware that while some companies advertise 12 seater or 11 seater limos, this actually includes the drive. Be very specific about the number of guests riding along for the day. If you have an opportunity to, we strongly recommend you visit the company and inspect the cars and see for yourself.

Tip 3 – Are the cheapest wedding cars a good option?

Nothing in life is free, and booking your wedding cars is truly no exception. While petrol prices are on the rise, labor hire for chauffeurs increasing yearly, there has to be a considerable maintenance costs on any wedding car and so choosing the cheapest option can sometimes mean part or all of the services booked are less than average.

Don’t go cheap on your once in a life time event, its just not worth the risk. Similarly, choosing the most expensive quote is not always the best options. Do your shopping and get a variety of prices to compare. The best way to do this is to ask for a specific set of inclusions involved in your booking.