Wedding Night Getaway

A1 Limousines provide brides and grooms the complete transportation services on there wedding day. Ask us about night get away from your reception to the hotel / home. Our common choice of getaway car is the Chrysler 300c convertible. With the roof top down you get to drive away in style from the biggest event of your life so far.

We do often receive requests for stretch limo hire for the getaway and this can also be arranged for you – simply request this and we will ensure the perfect package is arranged. A1 Limousines is the perfect choice for Limo hire in Sydney. Contact us today for more information.

Make Your Special Day More Luxurious with Wedding Limo Hire

Your wedding is one of the most important events of your life, and wedding limousine hire can add the touch of luxury you deserve. A wedding limousine car can provide you with luxury, comfort, and style while helping you create lasting memories you’ll cherish forever. You can find your perfect wedding limo at A1 Limousines.

Benefits of Wedding Limousine Services

Transportation for everyone in your wedding party can be a surprisingly stressful and difficult problem to solve on your special day. You can ensure that everyone gets where they need to go – on time and in a good mood – by taking advantage of limousine rental services. Here are some of the benefits of travelling by limousine on your wedding day.

  • Zero stress. You want to enjoy your wedding day to the fullest with as little stress as possible. Small things make a big difference, so make sure that your transportation needs are taken care of by booking a wedding limousine. You’ll get there on time and in comfort without having to worry about who’s driving, where everyone is riding, whether directions are needed, and whether you’ll all get there safely.
  • The luxury factor. If there has ever been a day to wrap yourself in luxury, it’s your wedding day. A limousine is a fantastic way to add a dose of grandeur to your day without breaking the bank. That’s right – even couples with modest budgets can afford limousine services, so don’t hesitate to treat yourself to this extravagance. You deserve it.
  • Comfort and convenience. Limousines can typically accommodate anywhere from six to 12 people. Whether your venue is close by or far away, no one must ride uncomfortably. As opposed to regular cars, your limousine will provide ample seating and plenty of space for long dresses or just room to stretch out and feel good on your way to your venue.

Common Mistakes People Make Regarding Wedding Limousine Rental

Just like with every other part of your big day, you want your limo wedding car hire to go perfectly. You will inevitably have some unexpected challenges on your wedding day, but you can help ensure that your transportation is not one of them by avoiding these common mistakes.

  • Waiting until the last minute to make a reservation. Wedding planning can be stressful and overwhelming, and it can be hard to get everything done on time. However, be sure to make transportation arrangements well in advance of your event. Reserving your limousine as far ahead as possible, even up to six months in advance, will help you avoid any potential issues such as confusion about times or unavailability of the car you want.
  • Not having an itinerary. You can save yourself, your wedding party, and your driver a lot of stress by knowing (and communicating) where you need to be and when. Will you need to pick up people from multiple locations? Will you need to make other stops on your way? You can avoid delays and unexpected charges by making sure that you arrange your itinerary in detail with your limousine company when you make your reservations.
  • Not seeing your limousine in person before booking. Anytime you use a limousine service, especially for as significant an event as a wedding, you want to be sure that you know exactly what you’re getting. It’s best to see the car in person to make sure that it suits your requirements and that you’ll be getting the exact vehicle you want. If you can’t see the vehicle in person, at least view pictures and confirm that the pictures you are seeing are of the specific limousine you’ll be renting.

Related Services We Provide to Wedding Limo Rental

A wedding is a wonderful excuse to treat yourself to a limousine ride. However, it’s far from the only one. Here are some of the other fun ways you might want to use our services.

  • School formals. A special night deserves a special arrival. You’ve spent all day making sure that you look like you belong on the red carpet, and you deserve to be treated like a celebrity even as you travel to and from your event. Arrive in style with your friends to your next school formal by booking a limousine for your group.
  • Airport chauffeur service. One of the most common ways people use limousine services is drop-off and pick-up at the airport. A limousine can provide a comfortable, stress-free ride to and from the airport, help you make a good impression on your colleagues or clients, keep you from having to worry about parking your car at the airport and prevent you from making a wrong turn in an unfamiliar city.
  • A fun night out. You don’t need a specific special occasion to enjoy a limousine ride. Why not get a few friends together and enjoy a night out on the town? Not only will you travel in luxury, but you’ll also enjoy easy access to clubs, bars, restaurants, or concerts – wherever you’d like to go. Best of all, no one has to worry about being the designated driver; everyone in your group will be free to enjoy themselves and let their hair down.

About A1 Limousines

At A1 Limousines, we offer limo rental services for a variety of special events – or just a fun night out with your friends. Whether you’d like a Chrysler Stretch Limousine, an Audi Q7, an Ultimate H2 Hummer Limousine, or another option from our luxury fleet, we can provide it. Enjoy your own private chauffeur and features such as a colour-changing disco floor, luxurious leather seating, DVD screens, and much more. Feel like a million dollars on your big day when you contact A1 Limousines and book your wedding car.

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