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Some questions must be considered before hiring a chauffeur service in Sydney, especially on important occasions like weddings and corporate functions. It’s advised to learn as much about the limo hire company and the chauffeurs as much as you can before you make the final call. The right services ensure that you have successful and happy transportation. Here are the top questions you should ask the chauffeur service before finalizing the deal –

1. How does the company ensure passenger’s safety?

The first and most important question is the safety precautions that the company takes for their passengers. This question includes asking about COVID practices, the age of the vehicles and if the car’s functionality is regularly tested and maintained.

A limo service must provide children’s seats, if necessary, along with other safety measures like well-working airbags, parking sensors, locks in good condition, and more. All seats must be disinfected before you step into the car as a precautionary measure.

2. What is their driving hiring process?

Transportation companies hiring drivers for luxury cars like limousines must go through a rigorous selection process to ensure that the best drivers are selected to drive you. You can ask the company about their training process and background checks that take place before hiring.

If possible, a meet and greet should be done before the actual ride to ensure that you are comfortable with the person driving you out. The chauffeur should also provide you with any assistance as needed.

3. Enquire about the types of limousines available for rent – Go Chrysler!

One of the most cost effective and elegant wedding limousines in Sydney is the Chrysler stretch limo and 300c. Everyone wants to ride their dream car on their big day, enquire about the sizes available to choose from, the right fit as per the number of people, who will be travelling in the car. Most of the times you can choose from variety of limos available – from a stretch limo. to a convertible, you can even rent sedans for the family – all it requires is some browsing and enquiring.

4. What are all the items covered in the cost?

Apart from the chauffeur service, some companies even offer additional items like bottled water, décor, or snacks in your quotation. Ask the company upfront about all the things they will provide in the rate, along with any hidden charges that are applicable like parking fees, tolls, etc.