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Select  Private Limos for Hire in Sydney with the Right Company.

Our limo rentals are becoming more affordable and many of our customers using private limos in Sydney for special events like weddings, formal events and other special days that can hire that require  the privacy and formality of our limos in Sydney at A1 Limousines. Our company’s fleet has  a good service record and comes with different features. Serving all areas in Sydney and its suburbs, our Limos are characterized not only by design and luxury, but also our best chauffeurs that drive them.  They are dressed formally and knows all the roads and areas in the city of Sydney.

What are the benefits to our customers if they hire our Limousines?

Private hire Formal Limos Sydney

Private hire Formal Limos Sydney

A1 Limousines Company will never let you down, even in an emergency. Our private limo services in Sydney will be able to provide the services you need on time without fail. Our cars are attractive for formal events because they all well maintained interior and exterior, with a high quality CD and DVD recreation system, sunroof, fibre optic lighting and more pleasant things. In our business, we cover the insurance for passengers and vehicles.

Contact us today and hire our private formal limousine here in Sydney 02 9727 7869 / 0412 925 703 or email at

It is easy and relaxing in the privacy of our limo in Sydney.

Make your day special with our private hired limos in Sydney, providing the best and beautiful limos with a modern design, with professional and wondrous chauffeurs that are responsible anytime and anywhere you go. Our company gives you the highest quality of services perfect for your events. More importantly, it does not cost too much to make it look good! Some of our services include Cadillac. Our  Limo for hire in Sydney also offers formal car rentals.

Be one of our customers to make your dream come true – The best way is to make your grand entrance and we will support you with our Private Limos in Sydney.


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